A musical melodrama kind of movie, taken exclusively for the audience, who believe in true love. ‘Love’ is a precious emotion. It grows a strange attachment to eachother, when the distance increases. And when there is something that belongs to one person with the other, then the attachment grows even more. And it takes a lot of patience and understanding to love a person unconditionally. In this movie, the love between a mute Hindu girl and a muslim prayer singer and the unconditional love of her husband, is portrayed. There is not much story in the movie and there is a slight lag as well. This movie can best be enjoyed with its true feel, along with the awesome BGMs and songs. This special feeling will make you want to watch the entire movie, till the end.

The main appreciation should be given to the main casts Aditi Rao Hydari, Dev Mohan, Jayasurya and Siddhique. Their acting skills are thoroughly shown all throughout the movie and they have indeed done a splendid performance. This effort has not gone vain only because of the music director’s sincere work.

The music director, M. Jayachandran’s beautiful melodies make us listen to these songs again and again. This movie is made worth watching only because of the songs and music he has composed, and the singers he has handpicked, to sing his beautiful composition.

A few lines from the song Alhamdulilah for you to understand how the songs melt your hearts. All the singers in this movie are truly appreciated, as they have done a wonderful job into giving voice to the excellent composition to the music director.

The Director, Cinematographer and Editor of the movie have done a wonderful job, but still their work have been outweighed by the efforts of the actors and music director.

A special mention to the actress Aditi Rao Hydari (as Sujatha) for her remarkable acting, were she shows her talent is truly not hidden in her dialogues alone but her whole expressions speak for her. A small instance from the movie which proves this is shown below.

This scene proves very well her acting skills are beyond her dialogues and she was very well chosen in this movie. Dev Mohan (as Sufi) has also given us a remarkable performance to support the acting marvelance of Aditi.

Jayasurya (as Dr. V. R. Rajeev) as the ever loving husband of Sujatha, has indeed shown us, how caring and loving a husband can be. He has shown us an example of unconditional love. His versatile acting has been proven in all his previous movies and is once again proved in this movie as well.

A musical drama which can only be enjoyed with the presence of the songs and BGMs. Without the music, this movie is nothing but an idle set of scenes, coupled together. Those interested in blind love towards one another, will find this movie interesting. Unconditional love is an emotion, which comes when we love the other person more than we love ourselves. Here, more than the love between Sufi and Sujatha, her husband Rajeev’s love, is greater. That is why he was able to understand his wife’s feelings about her past love.

Rating 3/5

The link for the movie is given below. Please watch and enjoy this movie.


The most interesting and thrilling emotional thriller which really missed its release in the big screens. A movie worth watching and to talk about. A movie to take out the inner feelings of the audience and create an emotional illusion. It is indeed a story to be watched by all, especially children who do not respect the the one person, who gave them life. Mother’s love is truly remarkable and her sacrifices are soo great from the time she starts to bear a child.

This movie also portrays the love of a mother, who saves her children, both outside and inside. The story is simple, with two valuable message to the society. One to the children and another to the parents. It is indeed the highlight in the movie. It is taken in such a way that all age groups can watch and enjoy.

The writer and director Eashvar Karthic has done a remarkable job in the movie. His work is really awesome and appreciatable. He is indeed a talented director, who can lure the audience with his movie. Being his debut movie, he really outdid himself, with ofcourse, some flaws, here and there, probably due to lack of experience. But, with more opportunities, he is sure to be a great director in the future.

With Keerthy Suresh in the lead role, this movie could never go out of hand. She is an actress who proved her talent in acting right from the first movie itself, and within a short span, she has proven to be South India’s number one actress. Her fame increased after the release of Mahanati, the biopic of late actress and legend Savithri. She has done a remarkable job in this movie as well. Her role as Rhythm, truly suits her and I doubt no one could have done it better. Eventhough she does the character of a pregnant woman for the first time, she is pretty much of an expert in the same. Except for some minor errors, which a pregnant woman could never have done, she played her part very well.

This movie could never have been complete without the support from the other characters such as, the psychiatrist, the character in the Charlie Chaplin mask, the characters of the two husbands of Rhythm, the kidnapped child etc., who did their role efficiently. Indeed their presence was much needed for the success of this movie.

A special mention about the dog ‘Maddy’ who did the character of ‘Cyrus’, is very much appreciated and a special appreciation to its trainer as well, for the wonderful job he has done in bringing up Maddy to this level of expertise.

Another major person to thank for is the music director, who has given one awesome composition and some mind-blowing BGMs, who is none other than Santhosh Narayanan. He is well known for his melodious music, and has given some, in this movie is as well. His BGMs are another reason for the success of this movie.

Another person to thank for is the cinematographer and Director of Photography. Kharthik Palani, who has chosen some beautiful locations in Kodaikkanal and other places for this movie to be shot. He has handpicked each place in such a way that the locations match with the scenes in the story and also be a treat for the eyes.

A wise choice to have released in three languages, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu, but the feel of the movie is lost when watched in Telugu and Malayalam. So I suggest you preferably watch in Tamil language. And for those who does not understand Tamil, can use the assistance of subtitles.

A wonderful movie with a wonderful director, along with a wonderful lead actress, which has the power to take hold of the audience’s emotions, and give them the thinking ability, so that they can understand even the most minute details. A must watch movie by all, without fail, right from small children to big adults.

Rating 4.5/5

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A movie which begins with the picturisation of a crime thriller, eventually turned out to be a social awareness movie. But since it was made by someone, who knows the job well, it came out, without any disappointments.

A simple story on girl child abusing, with some of the popular evils that revolves around the victims. A quick summary would enlighten the readers and make them want to watch the movie for sure.

The story begins with the encounter of a psycho killer and closing the case, after all evidences are being submitted. Then 15 years later, this case is reopened, and as lawyers, Jyothika pleads for the psycho killer and Parthipan, against. The major turn of events at the time of verdict, is the main idea behind the story. The timely flashbacks and twists and turn of events are perfectly placed.

Being a new comer, J J Fredrick has his own way to lure the audience with the awesome way he presents the story. He manages this simple story in such a way that, it is different from the other social awareness movie. He is also good in keeping the cost low as well. If given more oppotunity, he is sure to go to higher standards.

We also have to give enough credit to the producers duo Surya and Jyothika, for giving us such a beautiful and thought provoking movie.

The leading cast Jyothika, Parthiban, Baagiyaraj, Thiagarajan and Pratap Pothen have done a splendid performance in the movie. The movie could not have been done better by anyone else. Jyothika and Baagiyaraj’s, Daughter – Father combo, is amazing and perfectly managed.

Music was done by Govind Vasantha, who is well known for his melodious slow music and timely BGMs, and has done a wonderful job in this movie as well. The cinematography was handled by Ramji, and has done justice to the movie, but not upto the mark.

This movie is absolutely the need of the hour movie as there are many cases reported on Girl Child Abuse recently, most of them being done by people who are close to the children. If this movie becomes a platform to expose those evils and create a sense of awareness in the minds of the people, then it can be considered a tremendous hit. A must watch by all people irrespective of age.

I have attached the link to watch the movie in Amazon prime along with this.

Rating 3.5/5


A real life story can never be shown in a better way. Explaining the details in a way that even a lay man would understand. Even a person who doesn’t understand Hindi language, can clearly understand this movie. A touching story of an acid attack survivor, who struggles hard to get justice. It also teaches us a lesson, never to ignore such people in the society. If they are having the talent to achieve something, the society should accept their skill and make them succeed, just like any other person.

Megna Gulzar arranges the scenes perfectly, one after the other, and makes sure that the audience is not bored. She also makes sure that it does not look like a documentary in many aspects.

Deepika Padukone (as Malti) is filled in the movie. She proves again how versatile her acting can be. Her talent, which made her a star, in a short period, is really commendable. Her bold attempt to play the role of an acid attack survivor, is very much appreciated, and has done a fantastic job in it.

There is nothing much to speak about in this movie, rather than the casting and acting of all the characters in this movie, which is outstanding. This is a must watch movie by all the people, for all age groups, since it creates awareness among them. Youngsters (both boys and girls) have to be cautioned, as this movie is mainly for their benefit.

Overall, an award winning movie, which has to be watched by all irrespective of age or gender.

Rating 4.5/5


An entertaining movie, which shows a combination of both hardwork and creativity. A R Murugadoss really outdid himself after his massive hit in Thuppakki. A simple story of a Mumbai City Commissioner, just carrying out his mission, in the form of a secret operation. Well planned by the director and well executed by the crew members, especially the casting, stuntmasters and editors. Unlike Enthiran 2.0, this movie comes in a different genre and can’t be compared with it.

This can be categorized as a real comeback movie by Superstar Rajinikanth, after the movie – ‘Shivaji, the boss’. A real effort put forward by him inspite of his age. He really kept his standards in acting and once again proved himself worthy of the title of ‘Superstar’.

The Bollywood fame for Sunil Shetty in his acting skills, can be reflected throughout the movie. He proved to be a striking rival for Superstar Rajinikanth, and we could watch the movie, sitting on the edge of our seats. But the sound given to him in Tamil was a bit comical, and didn’t suit him.

Lady Superstar Nayanthara, proved herself to be a tough competitor to all the casts in the movie, including Rajinikanth. For a heroine, she wasn’t given much screen presence, but still, she gave her best for the movie.

Nivetha Thomas gave a brilliant performance alongside Rajinikanth, as his daughter, and made the audience fill with tears, with her acting.

Comedy was handled well, by both Rajinikanth and Yogi babu, and it went well with the movie. It was not too much, and not too low.

A special word of appreciation to all the stunt masters in this movie, Lakshman Chella, Ram Chella and Peter Hein, for their involvement in most parts of the movie. They arranged it soo well, that it seemed like Rajinikanth, was the man doing the stunts.

Music director Aniruth Ravichandhar did a remarkable job in arranging the music and songs in the movie, which was perfect and situational. The song ‘Summa Kizhi’ was an excellent composition and proved to be a perfect title song for ‘Thalaivar’.

Overall a perfect entertainer to be enjoyed in theaters. Don’t expect any concepts or great directorial marvel in the movie. See it as a good entertainer and a movie to celebrate the comeback of Rajinikanth, as in a movie, like the old times.

Rating 4/5


A movie released for creating caution among young lovers, who try to elope, or travel to a new place for sight seeing, without parent’s permission. A low budget movie, with only a good message, rather than an entertaining story.

The movie begins with a grandmother, telling a bedtime story to her grandchild. A young boy and girl, who sets off to explore a new place, and return by evening, along with a senior person. These three casts are the only characters in the movie. They reach the place, enjoy the day, but couldn’t manage to return back to their home by evening, and had to stay in a lodge. The frightened girl, pressed the boy to return home in a public transport, but he convinced her to stay overnight and return in the morning. But, the senior person had other plans. And later on, they never return to their home, and are killed by each other. This is just the main outline of the movie, and people can watch it once, to know the real message behind the story.

The senior person character in the story is played by Joju George, the young boy character is played by Akhil Vishwanath, and the young girl is Nimisha Sajayan.

As usual, Joju George’s acting is remarkable, calm and gets along well with his character. Akhil Vishwanath and Nimisha Sajayan, did their roles well, but I felt a little bit of overacting in them.

The director and writer Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, did his best in arranging the scenes perfectly. A special word of appreciation to the cinematographer Ajith Acharya and art director Dileep Daz for their remarkable location selections and art works.

Overall, a one time watch movie, for people who are above the age of 15, especially girls. If your planning to watch a family entertainer movie, I would not suggest Chola, for a choice.

Rating 3/5


An action packed drama, specially packed for audiences who think outside, from the common beliefs of the society. After a long gap, Geetu Mohandas has given us yet another great script, and directed in her best possible manner, to attract audiences who feel offended by the labels stuck on them, by the society.

Moothon revolves around a child, who begins his search for his brother from Lakshadweep to Mumbai, and his experiences in Mumbai. But, the director splits the story into different dimensions, each telling the audiences about different labels framed by the society on best friends, transgenders, prostitues and rowdies. And this movie is packed with twists and turns, suspenses, and a little bit of action. It also tells us a strong message that they should believe the character of a person, just because the society frames them so.

Nivin Pauly and Roshan Matthew has shown a remarkable partnership on screen, and their acting is very much appreciated by all audiences.

Another major highlight in the movie is that, it portrays the life of people in Lakshadweep, their different art forms, their beliefs, their customs, their livelihood, their religion, their mindset, etc.

The cinematography done by Rajeev Ravi is mind-blowing and some of the scenes in Lakshadweep is really commendable.

This is indeed an award winning movie, but unfortunately, does not suit the universal audience. Everyone is not likely to get the idea behind the movie, and many shall not accept what is shown in the movie.

After watching the movie once, please do not jump into conclusions, and comment on this movie, in a negative way. Please do watch again and clarify and think deeply.

Not a family entertainer, but a movie to point out the wrong beliefs in the society.

Rating 3.8/5


A movie to just watch and enjoy, rather than feel its radiance. A movie to see the acting marvels of some of the main actors in Mollywood industry. A movie to match the title. Such is the movie Jallikkattu, directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery. As expected, his movie never has any serious story in it, but his direction speaks for himself throughout the movie.

Gireesh Gangadharan, is a cinematographer, whose work in Jallikkattu, is remarkable. His work is seen throughout the movie. He is the only reason for the good picture quality of the movie.

The plot in Jallikkattu, written by Hareesh S, is commendable, but not so good. But the way Lijo Jose makes it into a movie, makes it worth a watch.

Music by Prashant Pillai is good, but his background music in between certain scenes, seemed unnecessary. Those places require silence, inorder to make the audience glued to their seats.

The lead casting done by Chemban Vinod Jose, Antony Varghese, Sabumon Abdusamad has given a marvelous performance in the movie, and this movie is a showcase of their acting skills.

This movie can be enjoyed once in theatres with friends. It is not a family entertainer, and too much of expectation should not be given to the movie as well. Jallikkattu is a good attempt with a true Lijo Jose Pellissery signature touch in it.

Rating 3/5


An excellent, feel good, family entertainer, with a simple, yet interesting story. The main plot revolves around an artist, struggling in this new digital world. As always, movies acted by Vineeth Sreenivasan, has been quite interesting and entertaining. This movie has already won many hearts on its first day release.

A lack of promotion for the movie could be seen in the theatres. But, after a couple of few positive responses, the theatres will definitely be full.

Vineeth Sreenivasan, as usual, has done a splendid job in his real life acting. For her second movie, Aparna Das, has done a remarkable performance, with her expressions. She has tried hard to cope up with the other professionals in the movie.

The director Anvar Sadik, comes in with a new script, after Ormayundo Ee Mugham. He has his way of direction, and makes this movie, come out beautifully, on the screen. Each and every scene was made in such a way that, they could be enjoyed very much. There was no room for boredom in the theatre. Enjoyed every single bit of the movie.

An excellent job done by cinematographer, Jebin Jacob, who has given the audience, a great sense of satisfaction in watching a great movie.

Another major thing in the movie was the small role of Mrs. Preena Anuraj of Tiktok fame, who has shown her face for the first time, in the big screen, and has done a splendid performace, in her small role.

Overall, I request you all to watch this movie in theatres alone, and avoid promoting piracy. I am sure you will love this movie, and accept it, with your heart.

Rating 4.5/5

S R Jungle Resort, Anaikkatti

A paradise in the middle of nowhere, is the main idea, in the making of this resort. For a marshland, this place has undergone remarkable transformations and numerous changes.

A dry marshland, which underwent great many transformations, and the result being, S R JUNGLE RESORT. A resort made by planting more trees, and not cutting them. A place made specially for, all those people who are tired of Ooty and other far locations.

Anaikkatti, a place were wild animals and people live in harmony, a place which is just 29 kms from the main city, a place with a future for S R JUNGLE RESORT.

The man behind this transformation is Mr. Santhosh Janarthanan, who brought the idea of a resort, in a marshland, with the maximum number of trees planted. And the man who made this idea into reality is Mr. Saleesh, who has been the backbone, in establishing S R JUNGLE RESORT, along with the help of the adhivasi group living in the area, known as Irulaas. The majority of the employees working in S R JUNGLE RESORT, are the people from the same group.

In the picture, from Right, Mr. Santhosh Janarthanan, Coimbatore city Commissioner, and Mr. Saleesh.

Mr. Santhosh Janarthanan, who is the Managing Director and Mr. Saleesh, together lifted the banner for S R JUNGLE RESORT, in Anaikkatti. More than 1 and half lakh varieties of trees have been planted and the natural setup of a real jungle are yet to come.

This resort may not be in the expectation of other resorts you might have visited elsewhere, but you will find certain features unique to S R JUNGLE RESORT, like the evening cutural program along with the campfire, different varieties of trees planted, the experience of trekking to the mountains nearby and the homely food served.

Since, this resort is in the initial stages of its development, there are few drawbacks, in the resort as well. But over the coming days and years, they will be fully operational, and all their drawbacks, will disappear.

My personal experience on S R JUNGLE RESORT, was simply awesome, and I would suggest that, this place can be enjoyed well, by a group of youngsters, rather than with family members. People who need a different experience, will surely love S R JUNGLE RESORT.

Anaikkatti has a great many number of wild elephants, leopards and deers, which can be seen almost all the time, around the resort.

A one hour drive (29 kms), from Coimbatore town, to Anaikkatti, situated in the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border areas.

Special thanks to Mr. Sujith Bakthan, from techtraveleat YouTube channel, for promoting this resort. A one time experience, with quite a reasonable cost.

There are many types of rooms and cottages in this resort, in different price range and each room will give you a nostalgic moment, for those staying here.

For more details visit their website below: