After a very long time, a movie that could make its audience, fill with tears. The huge response, I observed in the theater, is the best, and have never heard or seen this much of appreciation, for any other movie.

The movie was custom made for Rajisha Vijayan (June Sara Joy), and she have proven this, in the movie.

Newcomer director Ahammed Khabeer has done a wonderful job in making this movie a remarkable success and also thanking Vijay Babu, for producing this movie.

Jithin Stanislaus’s cinematography is awesome and a treat to the eyes. Each scene was shown with great care and planning, to invoke the nostalgic feelings of the viewer.

Editing works, done by Lijo Paul is very much appreciated.

To say about June,

a single child, who passes through various stages of her life and the experiences she gets in each circumstance of her life

is a thrilling story with enough BGMs and songs to make it colourful. The movie is filled with nostalgic moments, childhood memories, twists and unexpected turn of events. The memories locked in the minds of every 90’s child, will be opened. A must watch movie, especially in theaters, to experience the feel of the movie.

Music was done by Ifthi, who has done his job remarkably and the song “Minni Minni” and “Koodu vittu” have already taken its place in the hearts of people.

A must watch movie, preferably in theaters and enjoy it to the fullest.

Rating 5/5


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