A movie made with tremendous effort of both the cast and crew, which is the only thing appreciatable in the movie, along with its cinematography. A typical Telugu movie, with some major stunt scenes, and songs, and a little bit of romance, to add color to the movie, for a Telugu audience. According to me, when a movie is released worldwide, it had to be made in such a way that, all audiences should accept the movie with their whole heart. The major drawback, in Saaho, is that it does not give us any story, but a plot.

The main attraction of Saaho, is the way it is directed, by Sujeeth. Sujeeth is a young, but talented Telugu director, and he has planned the scenes very carefully. But, unfortunately, in every big budget movie, however hard we arrange the sequences , the minor flaws, still exist.

The cinematographer R. Madhi, took this movie to the standards of Hollywood, which made the movie attractive.

The settings and scenaries for all songs sequences are simply fabulous and made us glued to our seats in all songs.

Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor combo was not upto the mark, and their chemistry did not match much, eventhough, the songs are made attractive.

The character of Shraddha Kapoor (Amrita Nair) in the movie, did not give her any chance to display her acting skills, but as usual her acting can be classified as “1st class”.

This movie can be boring, to some, in the beginning, only because, the major twists and suspenses, need to be made more lively, in the end. Also, you need a nail biting patience, to sit till the very end of the movie, and it was worth the wait.

Overall, Bollywood and Mollywood audiences can enjoy this movie once.

Kollywood and Tollywood audiences can watch again and again, as this movie is cutom made for you.

Rating 3.5/5


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