One of the finest movie to be dedicated to a sports player. Each and every cast in the movie, played their roles really well. Even though, we may feel a bit lag in the beginning, but with a sudden twist, things will go to whole new different range. Each and every scenes after the first half, is least expected.

For a newcomer director, P R Arun, is a gem. He has done a splendid job, in bringing out the sequences pretty well. The happy first half, continued by the twist in the second half, and closing the movie, with an unexpected ending.

Rajisha Vijayan (Alice Varghese), has shown some pretty good real life acting, and after June, Finals will be a bookmark in her career.

Niranj (Manual Thomas) has tried his best to cope with the acting skills of all the professional actors in the movie, and has done a good job in the movie.

The kids who played the role of young Alice and Manual, is the best casting to be ever done. Their screen presence makes the movie lively.

I felt that the quality of cinematography done by Sudeep Elamon, was bit low, and it was not a treat to the eyes.

All the songs especially, the song ‘parakkam parakkaam’ was a treat to our ears and all applauses goes to Kailas Menon.

The role of Suraj Venjaaramoodu (Varghese), both as a coach and father, is the best role ever to be handled by a national award winner. He has indeed shown some great acting skills in the movie.

Overall, I felt that, this movie is indeed a huge hit, and it definitely needs to be accepted by the audiences everywhere. I was disappointed to see an empty theater, and really wish more people come and watch the movie in future days. This movie definitely deserves all your support, as it has the content and story and twists and turns and sentiments, skills, happy moments, nostalgia, and a lot more, which needs to be experienced in the theater.

Rating 4/5


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