What reminds us when we think of K V Anand’s movie ? Since he was a former Journalist himself, he makes movies based on the social evils happening in the society, like Media scams, Smuggling, etc. So, Kaappaan is definitely one such movie.

Another speciality of K. V Anand’s movie is that, we can learn more of what is happening around us. For example, in Kavan, we learn of the media scams and the politics happening within office.

Kaapaan is the story of an SCG officer on a protection detail of the Prime Minister of India. The protocols and the life of SCG officers are the highlight in the movie. We can also enjoy the movie, since it has a very good story and theme.

Surya and Mohanlal combo was indeed awesome to watch on screen. The mass dialogues of Mohanlal was very much accepted by the Malayalam audiences. Surya, as usual, has shown that, his expressions, his style, his stunts, his way of talking, is unique and awesome. Sayyesha is best known for her dance and her expressions, and the director has utilised that very well in the movie. Arya’s role is minimal, but he has performed well. The role and acting of Samudrakani and Shamna Kasim is appreciatable. Comedy sequences is managed by all the cast in the movie perfectly.

The cinematographer M. S. Prabhu has made sure that this movie is a treat to the eyes. The awesome virtual effects in the movie, keep us enthralled to the screen. We won’t even blink our eyes, as the scenes come in one by one. There was not even a second, were we go bored, which is also a major advantage in the movie.

Harris Jayaraj, as usual, has given us some wonderful compositions and some of the songs are a treat to our ears.

One drawback in the movie, which I found, was the unnecessary graphics, used in various areas.

I would like to say that, all these positive comments, are for those who watch this movie in theaters alone. A one time watch movie with a good scope for a successful 14 days, in theaters.

Rating 3.8/5


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