S R Jungle Resort, Anaikkatti

A paradise in the middle of nowhere, is the main idea, in the making of this resort. For a marshland, this place has undergone remarkable transformations and numerous changes.

A dry marshland, which underwent great many transformations, and the result being, S R JUNGLE RESORT. A resort made by planting more trees, and not cutting them. A place made specially for, all those people who are tired of Ooty and other far locations.

Anaikkatti, a place were wild animals and people live in harmony, a place which is just 29 kms from the main city, a place with a future for S R JUNGLE RESORT.

The man behind this transformation is Mr. Santhosh Janarthanan, who brought the idea of a resort, in a marshland, with the maximum number of trees planted. And the man who made this idea into reality is Mr. Saleesh, who has been the backbone, in establishing S R JUNGLE RESORT, along with the help of the adhivasi group living in the area, known as Irulaas. The majority of the employees working in S R JUNGLE RESORT, are the people from the same group.

In the picture, from Right, Mr. Santhosh Janarthanan, Coimbatore city Commissioner, and Mr. Saleesh.

Mr. Santhosh Janarthanan, who is the Managing Director and Mr. Saleesh, together lifted the banner for S R JUNGLE RESORT, in Anaikkatti. More than 1 and half lakh varieties of trees have been planted and the natural setup of a real jungle are yet to come.

This resort may not be in the expectation of other resorts you might have visited elsewhere, but you will find certain features unique to S R JUNGLE RESORT, like the evening cutural program along with the campfire, different varieties of trees planted, the experience of trekking to the mountains nearby and the homely food served.

Since, this resort is in the initial stages of its development, there are few drawbacks, in the resort as well. But over the coming days and years, they will be fully operational, and all their drawbacks, will disappear.

My personal experience on S R JUNGLE RESORT, was simply awesome, and I would suggest that, this place can be enjoyed well, by a group of youngsters, rather than with family members. People who need a different experience, will surely love S R JUNGLE RESORT.

Anaikkatti has a great many number of wild elephants, leopards and deers, which can be seen almost all the time, around the resort.

A one hour drive (29 kms), from Coimbatore town, to Anaikkatti, situated in the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border areas.

Special thanks to Mr. Sujith Bakthan, from techtraveleat YouTube channel, for promoting this resort. A one time experience, with quite a reasonable cost.

There are many types of rooms and cottages in this resort, in different price range and each room will give you a nostalgic moment, for those staying here.

For more details visit their website below:



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