An action packed drama, specially packed for audiences who think outside, from the common beliefs of the society. After a long gap, Geetu Mohandas has given us yet another great script, and directed in her best possible manner, to attract audiences who feel offended by the labels stuck on them, by the society.

Moothon revolves around a child, who begins his search for his brother from Lakshadweep to Mumbai, and his experiences in Mumbai. But, the director splits the story into different dimensions, each telling the audiences about different labels framed by the society on best friends, transgenders, prostitues and rowdies. And this movie is packed with twists and turns, suspenses, and a little bit of action. It also tells us a strong message that they should believe the character of a person, just because the society frames them so.

Nivin Pauly and Roshan Matthew has shown a remarkable partnership on screen, and their acting is very much appreciated by all audiences.

Another major highlight in the movie is that, it portrays the life of people in Lakshadweep, their different art forms, their beliefs, their customs, their livelihood, their religion, their mindset, etc.

The cinematography done by Rajeev Ravi is mind-blowing and some of the scenes in Lakshadweep is really commendable.

This is indeed an award winning movie, but unfortunately, does not suit the universal audience. Everyone is not likely to get the idea behind the movie, and many shall not accept what is shown in the movie.

After watching the movie once, please do not jump into conclusions, and comment on this movie, in a negative way. Please do watch again and clarify and think deeply.

Not a family entertainer, but a movie to point out the wrong beliefs in the society.

Rating 3.8/5


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