A movie released for creating caution among young lovers, who try to elope, or travel to a new place for sight seeing, without parent’s permission. A low budget movie, with only a good message, rather than an entertaining story.

The movie begins with a grandmother, telling a bedtime story to her grandchild. A young boy and girl, who sets off to explore a new place, and return by evening, along with a senior person. These three casts are the only characters in the movie. They reach the place, enjoy the day, but couldn’t manage to return back to their home by evening, and had to stay in a lodge. The frightened girl, pressed the boy to return home in a public transport, but he convinced her to stay overnight and return in the morning. But, the senior person had other plans. And later on, they never return to their home, and are killed by each other. This is just the main outline of the movie, and people can watch it once, to know the real message behind the story.

The senior person character in the story is played by Joju George, the young boy character is played by Akhil Vishwanath, and the young girl is Nimisha Sajayan.

As usual, Joju George’s acting is remarkable, calm and gets along well with his character. Akhil Vishwanath and Nimisha Sajayan, did their roles well, but I felt a little bit of overacting in them.

The director and writer Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, did his best in arranging the scenes perfectly. A special word of appreciation to the cinematographer Ajith Acharya and art director Dileep Daz for their remarkable location selections and art works.

Overall, a one time watch movie, for people who are above the age of 15, especially girls. If your planning to watch a family entertainer movie, I would not suggest Chola, for a choice.

Rating 3/5


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