An entertaining movie, which shows a combination of both hardwork and creativity. A R Murugadoss really outdid himself after his massive hit in Thuppakki. A simple story of a Mumbai City Commissioner, just carrying out his mission, in the form of a secret operation. Well planned by the director and well executed by the crew members, especially the casting, stuntmasters and editors. Unlike Enthiran 2.0, this movie comes in a different genre and can’t be compared with it.

This can be categorized as a real comeback movie by Superstar Rajinikanth, after the movie – ‘Shivaji, the boss’. A real effort put forward by him inspite of his age. He really kept his standards in acting and once again proved himself worthy of the title of ‘Superstar’.

The Bollywood fame for Sunil Shetty in his acting skills, can be reflected throughout the movie. He proved to be a striking rival for Superstar Rajinikanth, and we could watch the movie, sitting on the edge of our seats. But the sound given to him in Tamil was a bit comical, and didn’t suit him.

Lady Superstar Nayanthara, proved herself to be a tough competitor to all the casts in the movie, including Rajinikanth. For a heroine, she wasn’t given much screen presence, but still, she gave her best for the movie.

Nivetha Thomas gave a brilliant performance alongside Rajinikanth, as his daughter, and made the audience fill with tears, with her acting.

Comedy was handled well, by both Rajinikanth and Yogi babu, and it went well with the movie. It was not too much, and not too low.

A special word of appreciation to all the stunt masters in this movie, Lakshman Chella, Ram Chella and Peter Hein, for their involvement in most parts of the movie. They arranged it soo well, that it seemed like Rajinikanth, was the man doing the stunts.

Music director Aniruth Ravichandhar did a remarkable job in arranging the music and songs in the movie, which was perfect and situational. The song ‘Summa Kizhi’ was an excellent composition and proved to be a perfect title song for ‘Thalaivar’.

Overall a perfect entertainer to be enjoyed in theaters. Don’t expect any concepts or great directorial marvel in the movie. See it as a good entertainer and a movie to celebrate the comeback of Rajinikanth, as in a movie, like the old times.

Rating 4/5


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