A movie which begins with the picturisation of a crime thriller, eventually turned out to be a social awareness movie. But since it was made by someone, who knows the job well, it came out, without any disappointments.

A simple story on girl child abusing, with some of the popular evils that revolves around the victims. A quick summary would enlighten the readers and make them want to watch the movie for sure.

The story begins with the encounter of a psycho killer and closing the case, after all evidences are being submitted. Then 15 years later, this case is reopened, and as lawyers, Jyothika pleads for the psycho killer and Parthipan, against. The major turn of events at the time of verdict, is the main idea behind the story. The timely flashbacks and twists and turn of events are perfectly placed.

Being a new comer, J J Fredrick has his own way to lure the audience with the awesome way he presents the story. He manages this simple story in such a way that, it is different from the other social awareness movie. He is also good in keeping the cost low as well. If given more oppotunity, he is sure to go to higher standards.

We also have to give enough credit to the producers duo Surya and Jyothika, for giving us such a beautiful and thought provoking movie.

The leading cast Jyothika, Parthiban, Baagiyaraj, Thiagarajan and Pratap Pothen have done a splendid performance in the movie. The movie could not have been done better by anyone else. Jyothika and Baagiyaraj’s, Daughter – Father combo, is amazing and perfectly managed.

Music was done by Govind Vasantha, who is well known for his melodious slow music and timely BGMs, and has done a wonderful job in this movie as well. The cinematography was handled by Ramji, and has done justice to the movie, but not upto the mark.

This movie is absolutely the need of the hour movie as there are many cases reported on Girl Child Abuse recently, most of them being done by people who are close to the children. If this movie becomes a platform to expose those evils and create a sense of awareness in the minds of the people, then it can be considered a tremendous hit. A must watch by all people irrespective of age.

I have attached the link to watch the movie in Amazon prime along with this.

Rating 3.5/5


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