The most interesting and thrilling emotional thriller which really missed its release in the big screens. A movie worth watching and to talk about. A movie to take out the inner feelings of the audience and create an emotional illusion. It is indeed a story to be watched by all, especially children who do not respect the the one person, who gave them life. Mother’s love is truly remarkable and her sacrifices are soo great from the time she starts to bear a child.

This movie also portrays the love of a mother, who saves her children, both outside and inside. The story is simple, with two valuable message to the society. One to the children and another to the parents. It is indeed the highlight in the movie. It is taken in such a way that all age groups can watch and enjoy.

The writer and director Eashvar Karthic has done a remarkable job in the movie. His work is really awesome and appreciatable. He is indeed a talented director, who can lure the audience with his movie. Being his debut movie, he really outdid himself, with ofcourse, some flaws, here and there, probably due to lack of experience. But, with more opportunities, he is sure to be a great director in the future.

With Keerthy Suresh in the lead role, this movie could never go out of hand. She is an actress who proved her talent in acting right from the first movie itself, and within a short span, she has proven to be South India’s number one actress. Her fame increased after the release of Mahanati, the biopic of late actress and legend Savithri. She has done a remarkable job in this movie as well. Her role as Rhythm, truly suits her and I doubt no one could have done it better. Eventhough she does the character of a pregnant woman for the first time, she is pretty much of an expert in the same. Except for some minor errors, which a pregnant woman could never have done, she played her part very well.

This movie could never have been complete without the support from the other characters such as, the psychiatrist, the character in the Charlie Chaplin mask, the characters of the two husbands of Rhythm, the kidnapped child etc., who did their role efficiently. Indeed their presence was much needed for the success of this movie.

A special mention about the dog ‘Maddy’ who did the character of ‘Cyrus’, is very much appreciated and a special appreciation to its trainer as well, for the wonderful job he has done in bringing up Maddy to this level of expertise.

Another major person to thank for is the music director, who has given one awesome composition and some mind-blowing BGMs, who is none other than Santhosh Narayanan. He is well known for his melodious music, and has given some, in this movie is as well. His BGMs are another reason for the success of this movie.

Another person to thank for is the cinematographer and Director of Photography. Kharthik Palani, who has chosen some beautiful locations in Kodaikkanal and other places for this movie to be shot. He has handpicked each place in such a way that the locations match with the scenes in the story and also be a treat for the eyes.

A wise choice to have released in three languages, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu, but the feel of the movie is lost when watched in Telugu and Malayalam. So I suggest you preferably watch in Tamil language. And for those who does not understand Tamil, can use the assistance of subtitles.

A wonderful movie with a wonderful director, along with a wonderful lead actress, which has the power to take hold of the audience’s emotions, and give them the thinking ability, so that they can understand even the most minute details. A must watch movie by all, without fail, right from small children to big adults.

Rating 4.5/5

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