A musical melodrama kind of movie, taken exclusively for the audience, who believe in true love. ‘Love’ is a precious emotion. It grows a strange attachment to eachother, when the distance increases. And when there is something that belongs to one person with the other, then the attachment grows even more. And it takes a lot of patience and understanding to love a person unconditionally. In this movie, the love between a mute Hindu girl and a muslim prayer singer and the unconditional love of her husband, is portrayed. There is not much story in the movie and there is a slight lag as well. This movie can best be enjoyed with its true feel, along with the awesome BGMs and songs. This special feeling will make you want to watch the entire movie, till the end.

The main appreciation should be given to the main casts Aditi Rao Hydari, Dev Mohan, Jayasurya and Siddhique. Their acting skills are thoroughly shown all throughout the movie and they have indeed done a splendid performance. This effort has not gone vain only because of the music director’s sincere work.

The music director, M. Jayachandran’s beautiful melodies make us listen to these songs again and again. This movie is made worth watching only because of the songs and music he has composed, and the singers he has handpicked, to sing his beautiful composition.

A few lines from the song Alhamdulilah for you to understand how the songs melt your hearts. All the singers in this movie are truly appreciated, as they have done a wonderful job into giving voice to the excellent composition to the music director.

The Director, Cinematographer and Editor of the movie have done a wonderful job, but still their work have been outweighed by the efforts of the actors and music director.

A special mention to the actress Aditi Rao Hydari (as Sujatha) for her remarkable acting, were she shows her talent is truly not hidden in her dialogues alone but her whole expressions speak for her. A small instance from the movie which proves this is shown below.

This scene proves very well her acting skills are beyond her dialogues and she was very well chosen in this movie. Dev Mohan (as Sufi) has also given us a remarkable performance to support the acting marvelance of Aditi.

Jayasurya (as Dr. V. R. Rajeev) as the ever loving husband of Sujatha, has indeed shown us, how caring and loving a husband can be. He has shown us an example of unconditional love. His versatile acting has been proven in all his previous movies and is once again proved in this movie as well.

A musical drama which can only be enjoyed with the presence of the songs and BGMs. Without the music, this movie is nothing but an idle set of scenes, coupled together. Those interested in blind love towards one another, will find this movie interesting. Unconditional love is an emotion, which comes when we love the other person more than we love ourselves. Here, more than the love between Sufi and Sujatha, her husband Rajeev’s love, is greater. That is why he was able to understand his wife’s feelings about her past love.

Rating 3/5

The link for the movie is given below. Please watch and enjoy this movie.


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