SOORARAI POTTRU (trans. Praise the Brave)

An inspiring story for the present generation of a real life incident, shown in a fantastic way, to lure the audience, into the movie, right from the start. Its great that Sudha Kongra’s yet another blockbuster for the year and Surya’s great comeback are in the same movie. Unfortunately, this movie could not be enjoyed in theaters, due to the covid 19 pandemic. But the hardwork behind the movie has really paid off. It has been accepted by the audiences worldwide.

After Saala Kadoos (Iruthi Sutru), we have another blockbuster for Sudha Kongra. Her dedicated directing skills are indeed worth appreciating. She creates a new benchmark for new generation directors, and has taken her place among India’s greatest directors.

Surya and Aparna Balamurali combo was indeed a great hit, especially due to the acting skills of both. Surya is also known as Nadippin Nayakan (Hero of Acting)  and we are very familiar with Aparna Balamurali right from Maheshintae Prathikaaram (Revenge of Mahesh). She has proven herself once again in this movie as well.

A special mention for the music director G.V.Prakash for giving us such soothing melodies and remarkable songs, which have already hit the trending list, months before the release of the movie.

The technical teams, cinematographer, and all the casting and crews in the movie, have indeed played their part perfectly. There was some minor flaws in the editing part, towards the end of the movie, but it was not noticed much, due to the other scenes perfectly placed one after the other.

This a also a motivation for the new generations to pursue their dreams no matter what the odds might be. Here we find the story of a young man, even after repeated defeats, have stood up, to fight for his dreams wholeheartedly. Nowadays, we find students with dreams been forced to study and work as per parent’s desire, and eventually they get fed up of their lives.

I request all those who have missed this movie, to watch it on Amazon prime, and experience the feel of the movie yourselves.

Rating  4.5/5


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