Drishyam 2

After a long gap, here I am with the review of yet another blockbuster in Mollywood industry. This masterpiece creation of Director Jeethu Joseph, has already been accepted world wide as a perfect second part for Drishyam. As this movie was released on February 19th, 2021, you might have seen the movie and already read and seen many reviews, trending in social media. So let me make it as interesting as possible in my own style.

Major spoiler alert…!!! If you still have not seen the movie Drishyam 2, please watch it on Amazon prime, and read this review.

Alright, let’s begin… All those who have watched this movie might have been surprised at the climax with an unexpected twist and hope you enjoyed to the fullest. But to think about it in another way, the planning Georgekutty underwent all those 6 years right from the day they ended Drishyam part 1 is really fascinating. The minute details the director has pointed in the form of Georgekutty’s old jeep, the Forensic hospital Security’s uniform hanging on the wall, the timing on the clock, the date police arresting the guy who testified against Georgekutty’s appearance at the construction site of police station and many more.

The brilliant story (plot) of this movie which was written (planned) by the director, have been very much appreciatable. The main characters in the movie have indeed lived through this movie rather than acted. Lalettan. Meena, Ansiba, and Esther have indeed shown the continued life of a family who was affected from a major trauma.

Also, the past life of Georgekutty as well as the present life as well as the past and present situations for the whole town of Rajjakkad, have been clearly portrayed throughout the scenes of the movie. For instance, all the movie posters in the locality have the name of the theater ‘Rani’ which clearly indicates the only theater in Rajjakkad is Georgekutty’s. The stingy Georgekutty of the past is now lavishly spending for his family. After watching the movie couple of times, we can find more minute details, which has been cleverly and perfectly planned and executed by the Creator of the movie.

The only flaw I found in the movie was that we could not enjoy this genius movie in theaters. Really missed to watch this movie on the big screens.

A very generous and honest rating from me would be 5/5


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