Ole Kanda Naal

New generation youngsters have come up with a new movie, introducing few new faces, with excellent acting skills and talent. After watching this movie in an empty theater, was really disappointed. The movie may not have a good story or an interesting plot, but it definitely showcases the acting and editing skills of few new people. Cinematography throughout the movie was excellent and have been brilliantly put up in the movie, in a truly professional way. The characters who played the role of Aadhi, Jenna, Sanjeevan (Jetty), Linda, Geervanam, and Farsana have all shown that they have been gifted with an unique talent in acting. Their expressions and emotions was real-life like. They get some support from experienced actors like Santhosh Keezhatoor, Neena Kurup, and Shivaji Guruvayoor.

About the newcomer director and writer, Musthafa Gutz, has tried to make a good movie. But eventually, his lack of experience in this field is seen throughout the movie. His idea to include scenes from other movies to give the movie some entertainment, has been poorly executed. He has also tried to give some twists and turn of events, but it has backfired. He is indeed talented and with more opportunities, will surely make a good movie in future.

A special word for the characters who played the role of Jenna (Krishnapriya Nair) and Jetty (Ambro Symon). Their talents in acting will give them more opportunities in future and they will be noted celebrities one day.

About the movie in a gist…The story begins with a college campus, to which a beautiful girl enters, and all the boys are dumb struck on seeing her. Then the hero falls in love with her and after they unite, he realises that she is his sister, and leaves her. What happens next has been taken with haste and without much planning. So, leaving that part for you to find out how it ends.

A movie taken with soo much effort and caliber, is really heartbreaking to see them running on empty screens. My humble request is that, please watch them on the big screens and encourage new comers into this industry. They all deserve your love and support to have a successful career in this industry.

My very generous rating would be 3.5/5

Please watch the trailer for the movie from the below link.


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